Games, gamification and game design for employee engagement

We use gamification, and game design tools to enhance employee engagement and increase performance.

Gamification is a powerful strategy that combines games design
(like levels, badges, scores and leaderboards)
to increase employee motivation and results.


Games@Work is a combination of years of experience in employee engagement. Designed as a mix in between training and consultancy. Focused in talent development programs.

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A digital platform designed to increase efficiency in your selection process.
Evaluate your talent with WihtoutCV and reduce your screening time (and related costs) to gain focus in the proper candidates.
Gamification, data analytics and a global designed tool.

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If you would like more volume, or more detailed info on your candidates, get our Professional version at USD 99.99 monthly / recruiter.

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This is our contact center gamification digital platform.
Get the best of challenges, agents motivation, lower absenteeism and attrition and more benefits by engaging your agents in challenges.
Designed by and for contact center experts.

By the way, the cost is USD 9.99 monthly / agent. :)

Would you like to see a demo?

Would you like to see a demo?


Words from our clients, our food for excellence delivery.

Claudio Goldfarb
Channel Development Manager

We made a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop that helps us to practice our commercial strategy in the partners regional team. Now I can say that to innovate and to be entertained can go hand by hand!

Diego Gonzalez
Manager Human Capital - Business School

The workshop we conduct with Gamifica has been a success preparing our people for the coming challenges, engaging them in other ways and reducing attrition in a key segment.

La Caja de Ahorro y Seguros
Marcelo Greco
Customer Service Manager

Motivarnos allows us to increase performance results in the participant group (AHT, ACW, etc.), to have a better team-spirit, integration and in some cases, aspects of self-challenging. Entertainment, productivity, motivation, interest, heterogeneity, were part of an equation that, as a result, give a satisfactory and innovation experience.

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